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The proliferation of electronic devices has been accompanied by the steady shrinking of their dimensions. Year after year, electronics packaging engineers design more speed and power into smaller space… with constant pressure to lower cost.
.....Two inescapable issues for the packaging engineer are electromagnetic interference (EMI) and heat dissipation.
That's where we fit in.

Chomerics is a leading global manufacturer of EMI shielding materials, and innovative thermal management products

Cost-effective Solutions that Fit the Application
Chomerics supports packaging engineers with an array of problem-solving products, design and test services. Our products provide performance and price alternatives. Their variety and design flexibility enable us to respond to each application with expedient solutions.

Expertise that Saves you Cost

When EMI shielding and heat dissipation products are selected improperly or poorly designed, the consequences are delayed product introduction, costly retrofitting and repetitive testing.
.....To avoid this, Chomerics can provide valuable guidance during your product development. Our Applications Engineering organization is accessible, efficient and ready to assist you with material selection.

From Concept to Production Scale-up - We Support your Product's Success

Chomerics optimizes designs using CAD and modeling. For some applications, we use finite element analysis to simulate an EMI gasket's behavior in your application, bypassing trial and error testing. We also provide stock materials and custom prototypes as needed.
..... Prior to production, Chomerics' in-house EMI Test Service can verify the performance of a design. A major advantage is having the right materials and experts available to resolve problems on the spot.
..... For the final product, our Compliance and Qualification Testing spans all pertinent commercial, military and safety standards, and provides detailed reports and submission packages for certification.
..... As you enter full production, our world-class manufacturing technology ensures on-time delivery of even very large volumes of materials.
..... Many standard products are stocked in nearly 120 locations in the US and 30 countries in North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.



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