Thermally Conductive Gap Filler Pads

Typical Properties TS15 Test Method
Color Teal / Blue Visual
Carrier Fiberglass reinforced
dielectric layer with PSA
Standard Thicknesses*, inch (mm) 0.040 - 0.200
(1.0 – 5.0)
Specific Gravity 2.2 ASTM D792
Hardness, Shore A 50 ASTM D2240
Percent Deflection @ Various Pressures
(0.125 in thick sample)
@ 5 psi (34 kPa)
@ 10 psi (69 kPa)
@ 25 psi (172 kPa)
@ 50 psi (345 kPa)
% Deflected
(0.125in “G” Type, 0.50 in dia.
sample, 0.025 in/min rate)
Tensile Strength, psi 250 ASTM D412
Tear Strength, lb/in 40 ASTM D624
Elongation, % 20 ASTM D412
Thermal Impedance, °C-in2/W (°C-cm2/W) @ 10 psi (69 kPa) @ 0.04” (1mm) thickness 1.5 (9.7) ASTM D5470
Heat Capacity, J/g-K 1 ASTM E1269
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion, ppm/K 250 ASTM E831
Dielectric Strength, VAC/mil (KVAC/mm) 200 (8) ASTM D149
Volume Resistivity, ohm-cm 1014 ASTM D257
Dielectric Constant @1,000 kHz 6.5 ASTM D150
Dissipation Factor @ 1,000 kHz 0.013 Chomerics Test
Flammability Rating
(See UL File E140244 for Details)
Pending UL 94
RoHS Compliant Yes Chomerics Certification
Outgassing, % TML (% CVCM) Pending ASTM E595
Shelf Life, months from date of shipment 18 Chomerics

*Thickness tolerance, inch (mm) ±10% nominal thickness @ 0.100in. (2.5mm) or less;
± 0.010in.(0.25mm) @ nominal thickness greater than 0.100in. (2.5mm). Custom thicknesses may be available upon request.





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