gap filler pads

THERM-A-GAP™ gap fillers are a family of low modulus (soft), thermally conductive silicone and non-silicone elastomers for applications where heat must be conducted over a large and variant gap between a semiconductor component and a heat dissipating surface.

  • Soft binder provides low modulus for conformability at low pressures
  • Low modulus allows materials to make up for large tolerance stack ups
  • Low pressure applications

Gap fillers are used to bridge large gaps between hot components and a cold surface. The gaps are not only large, but their tolerances can be ±20 % or greater. This means that the gap filler must have sufficient compliance to fill such spaces without stressing components beyond their safe limits. Non-silicone gap fillers are available for silicone sensitive applications.

Gap fillers are supplied in pad-form over a wide range of thickness, 0.25 to 5mm, and can be molded into complex shapes. THERM-A-GAP GELs are also supplied as pre-cured, single component compounds that can be dispensed over the heat generating component.


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