Supply Chain Management

Parker Chomerics can supply a thermoplastic EMI shielded housing for application in any environment. With over 45 years experience in EMI shielding we have materials and know-how to provide a total solution from a single point source for the design support, manufacture and verification testing. No other supplier has the breadth of material technology to provide cost effective materials and technology

• Plastic design support service
• EMI applications support
• In-house injection molding
• EMI shielding thermoplastics
• EMI shielding coatings
• EMI shielding display filters
• EMI shielding gaskets
• EMI shielding honeycomb filters
• Microwave absorbing materials
• Tapes, foil/film laminates
• Thermal management
• Secondary assembly
• Cosmetic finishing
• EMI Testing
• Safety Testing
• Global supply chain access with worldwide Parker Chomerics facilities

By combining these services we can reduce your cost for shielded plastic housings or enable metal-to-plastic conversions to provide

• Cost savings of up to 60%
• Reduce your design cycle
• Reduce your supplier base
• Reduce your assembly costs through part consolidation
• Eliminate re-design at the EMI certification stage
• On time product launch

No EMI shielding or environment is too harsh for Parker Chomerics to provide a solution to. We have material choices that provide durability and long term stability to satisfy application requirements for equipment in

• Telecom infrastructure
• Ruggedized PC’s and handheld electronics
• Military electronics
• Aerospace electronics
• Medical electronics
• Automotive electronics

We have processing technology to convert our materials into your custom part at the lowest possible cost of ownership. We can simplify your supply chain and ensure ongoing quality and on-time delivery by eliminating multiple suppliers.

In metal to plastic conversions we can offer designs that reduce weight by up to 75% as compared to aluminum die castings. This will increase fuel efficiency for mobile applications or reduce fatigue for portable electronics.

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