Secondary Assembly, EMI Gasketing/Thermal Management

Secondary Assembly Often plastic housings need assembly of secondary components whose features could not be designed into the base part. Parker Chomerics can assemble these elements onto the housing using:

• Heat staking
• Sonic welding
• Solvent bonding
• Mechanical attachment

Depending on the part, assembly is often done at the injection molding press within the cycle time. If we cannot mold these components we will source them including threaded inserts and attachment hardware. The unit is ready for final assembly.

Cosmetic Features Parker Chomerics can supply component or part decorating using:

• Pad printing
• Silk screening
• Hot stamping
• Decals

All we need is the base artwork and we will obtain and maintain all tooling to add these features. A cosmetic exterior coating can be added using our authorized painting suppliers.

Gasketing (4,5,6) For many devices an EMI shielding gasket is needed to complete the shielding design. Parker Chomerics has a complete line of EMI gasketing grades that can be installed on the part. For indoor or outdoor applications we have the material. The gaskets can become an integral part of the housing using

• Overmolding
• Dispensing
• Adhesives
• Mechanical retention

This simplifies final assembly allowing you to have only one part to order, inventory and handle. Materials range from fabric over foam to finger stock to elastomeric. Our line of soft elastomers (Shore A hardness ‹50) are a perfect solution for an environmental/EMI seal on plastics housings.

Thermal Management Electronic devices often generate excessive amounts of heat during operation which must be channeled from the device. Using heat sinks or other active cooling devices, we can provide thermal management. We can supply these elements on the unit by insert molding or post molding attachment. The thermal elements can be supplied with thermal interface materials ready to efficiently transfer the heat.

Parker Chomerics can also integrate honeycomb based EMI airflow filters to improve a thermoplastic housings shielding and cooling performance.

MICROWAVE ABSORBER MATERIALS High frequency devices for telecom, medical and military systems often use microwave absorber pads made from powder filled silicone or foam materials. Parker Chomerics can integrate these materials into a plastic housing assembly for higher performance attenuation.

TAPES, FOIL and FILM LAMINATES (1,3) Parker Chomerics can integrate fabric or foil tapes with electrically conductive adhesive and or foil/film based faraday cage laminates or ground straps as part of a system solution.

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