Injection Molding

Parker Chomerics Webster Plastics Business Unit has over 60 years experience in injection molding precision engineered thermoplastic parts at our Fairport NY facility. Our facility is ISO/TS 16949 certified and was recognized by Industry Week as a Best Plant winner. We regularly mold over 300 different polymer systems to exacting tolerances to supply the Telecom, Information Technology, Consumer Electronics, Military Electronics, Medical Equipment and Transportation markets. With both EMI shielding and nonconductive thermoplastic polymers to choose from, we can meet your performance needs.

Our engineering staff can take the project from conceptual model through production. When the program is initiated a project engineer will be assigned. We can assist in part design working within your parameters. Part geometry will be optimized for the highest performance and lowest possible material, processing and tooling costs. Using FEA we will ensure part performance to your specifications.

Upon part design completion a mold flow analysis allows us to create a 3-D of flow patterns for the injection molding process. We can graphically and statistically visualize flow rates, pressures, and temperature values throughout the entire part. This tool helps us adjust the molding process by locating entry gates and compensating for variable pressures or cooling rates to avoid part warpage or uneven shrink rates. It will also alert us if part design has to be modified to assure the part’s strength and integrity.

We will source the tooling and build the optimal mold. Before entering production the tool is inspected to a tolerance within one ten thousandths of an inch. First articles are fully inspected with full PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) reporting back to the customer. Our in-house tooling department will keep the tool in optimum condition throughout its useful life.

With over 45 injection molding presses ranging from 22 to 1,000 tons we can injection mold virtually any part. Our advanced closed-loop materials delivery system cleans, conditions and delivers precise blends of raw materials to each injection molding machine. An efficient micro filter system traps dust and fine particles and measures the proper portion of re-grind material, delivering high performance thermoplastics 100% of the time.

Once the part enters production a Lean Manufacturing Cellular production team using real time process control takes over to ensure quality and on time delivery. The machines are networked to a CIM system which presents process parameter data to the operators. By anticipating problems before they have a chance to occur, quality is built into the part.

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