Fabric or knitted Wire Mesh Over Foam and Conductive Foam

Parker Chomerics product line family of SOFT-SHIELD® EMI gaskets provides a selection of strip and sheet stock commercial EMI gasket solutions suitable for most all indoor EMI shielding and grounding applications. These products rely on the unique construction of a conductivity- plated fabric or wire mesh, wrapped or knitted over a low closure force urethane foam. Other products in the family rely on a conductive foam technology.

1000 SOFT-SHIELD 1000 commercial EMI gaskets consist of monel or Ferrex® (tin-plated, copper-clad, steel wire) knitted over a soft urethane foam core.  The profiles offered provide a gasketing solution with exceptionally low closure force requirements and excellent shielding.

commercial EMI gaskets consist of silver-plated nylon yarn knitted as the outer layer over a highly compressible thermoplastic, EPDM foam core. Of special note is the special treatment that adheres the yarn to the core which makes the gasket self-terminating.


The following are also listed as CABLE/CONNECTOR SHIELDING SOLUTIONS
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3500 SOFT-SHIELD 3500 commercial EMI gasket product offering consists of multiple profiles of a conductive fabric wrapped around open cell urethane foam. The over 250 product profiles consist of rectangular, D-shape, P-shape, stealth, C-fold, and knife-edge. These profiles offer an EMI gasket which can perform with less than a 1 lb. per inch force.
3700 SOFT-SHIELD 3700 allows the use of fabric over foam EMI grounding and gasketing technology to be used in elevated temperature applications where continuous operating temperatures of 125o C or less are required. The conductive fabric over high temperature foam also provides excellent EMI shielding and superior compression set properties.
4000 SOFT-SHIELD 4000 EMI gaskets consist of a closed cell urethane core, machine wrapped with a fabric-reinforced aluminum foil. The available rectangular product forms provide solutions for access panel, backplane, or I/O panel shielding.
4000 SOFT-SHIELD 4800 EMI gaskets 4800 Multi-planar conductive Z axis foam EMI gaskets represent Parker Chomerics newest innovation in soft foam based EMI shielding technology. The unique integration of electrically conductive silver-plated fibers into low density open cell urethane foam provides the basis for a performance driven, cost effective EMI shielding solution.
4800 SOFT-SHIELD 4850 represents the latest advancement in EMI shielding gaskets based on multi-planar, Z-axis conductive foam technology. SOFT-SHIELD 4850 is based on the unique integration of electrically conductive silver-plated fibers into a low density urethane foam. Specific applications include I/O connector panels and printed circuit board rack, backplane EMI gasketing. 
4800 SOFT-SHIELD 4850 STRIP gaskets provide the unique, conductive Z-axis foam technology in more functional rectangular strip configurations.
5000 SOFT-SHIELD 5000 Series gaskets offer a low cost and high performance EMI gasketing solution for commercial electronic systems. The high reliability, conductive fabric over foam core construction provides a cost effective alternative to beryllium copper or stainless steel fingerstock EMI gaskets. Available profiles include: D-shape, P-shape, C-fold, astragel, triangular, knife-edge, rectangular, and square.

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