connector gaskets

Parker Chomerics provides several types of connector gaskets, such as mounting flange connectors, interfacial seals, jam nut seals, flat washers, D-subminiature rectangular connectors, O-Rings and D-Rings. All of these connector gasket are available in most of our CHO-SEAL conductive elastomer material types. For applications to continuous high temperature exposure, e.g., 1600 C, CHO-SEAL 1224, 1298, or 1285 are recommended. For those applications where exposure to fluids is a concern, fluorosilicone materials are recommended.

The most common connector seal materials are:

CHO-SEAL 1224, silver filled silicone
CHO-SEAL 1215, silver-plated copper filled silicone
CHO-SEAL 1285, silver-plated aluminum filled silicone
CHO-SEAL 6502, nickel-plated aluminum filled silicone
CHO-SEAL 1298, silver-plated aluminum filled fluorosilicone
CHO-SEAL 6503, nickel-plated aluminum filled fluorosilicone
CHO-SEAL L6303, nickel-plated graphite filled fluorosilicone


Connector Gasket - Product Information

Chomerics also offers connector gaskets manufactured from other non-weather sealing (foam based) materials.
Consult Chomerics Applications Engineering Department with any questions.

For applications where galvanic corrosion issues against aluminum are a concern, the above materials are
offered in “octane levels” of protections from the low to the superior. See table below.

Product CHO-SEAL®
Conductive Filler Ag/Al Ni/Al Ni/Al Ag/Al Ni/C Ag/Cu Ag
Elastomer Binder Fluorosilicone Silicone Fluorosilicone Silicone Fluorosilicone Silicone Silicone
Octane Level Protection
Corrosion vs. Aluminum
Superior Best Best Good Moderate Low Low
Corrosion vs. Aluminum Superior Best Best Good Moderate Low Low
Max Use Temp 0C
200 125 125 200 150 125 200



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