EMI Shielded Air Ventilation Panels

Parker Chomerics family of shielded air ventilation panels consists of several product variations. Shielded air ventilation panels, also known as shielded honeycomb vent panels, provide adequate air flow for cooling purposes in electronic enclosures while preserving the necessary EMI shielding.

EMI/Airflow Solutions consist of aluminum honeycomb in an aluminum frame treated with any of several optional metal treatment options. A fire retardant HEICF 1594 Intumescent Coating System can be applied to the honeycomb to improve fire containment. 

In the OMNI CELL® configuration  where in order to achieve higher EMI shielding, the  standard ½” thickness honeycomb is cut in half and the two halves are oriented at 90 degrees to one another in the frame.

CHO-CELL™ Shielded Vent Panels are Chomerics’ high performance  honeycomb air vents, commonly used in TEMPEST applications.

Standard SHIELD  CELL® Shielded Vent Panels
are of all chromate conversion coated aluminum construction.  Standard OMNI CELL versions are available as well as drip proof OMNI CELL designs where the outer honeycomb cells are angled at 30, 45, or 60 degrees from the horizontal. 

Round Vents Round "360°" Shielded Vents. EMI Shielded Round Ventilating Panels.

Steel or Brass Honeycomb Shielded Vents are available for magnetic shielding applications.

Shielded Vent Panels made from expanded monel or  aluminum in an aluminum frame offer EMI shielding and air flow in a narrow profile.  

VIP® (Viscous Impingement) EMI Shielded Air Filters
consist of expanded aluminum in an aluminum frame for low velocity air applications or dust arrestance. 

SHIELDSCREEN® Shielded Air Filters which are used for low level EMI shielding and dust collection consist of several layers of woven wire mesh in an aluminum frame behind a retaining grille.

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