Integrated Display Solutions

Parker Chomerics is a global leader in supplying display windows, integrated displays and EMI/RFI shielding components. Our windows products are available in glass, polycarbonate, and acrylic materials. Duralan II™ windows available in glass and plastic are an excellent product for displays that require mechanical chemical protection in demanding medical, industrial and general use applications. Win-Shield™ EMI/RFI windows are used where EMI shielding and high light transmission are desired. Our optical window line can be custom designed to provide a variety of solutions for your display needs. Parker Chomerics offers our window products as turn key assemblies with other Parker products such as adhesives, gaskets and other assembly components.

Parker Chomerics Duralan II™ unshielded windows are used to protect and enhance your custom display product. Our Duralan II™ product line offers surface finishes including Anti-Glare ,Hard Coated Finishes and Anti-Reflection Coatings. These surface finishes will increase the overall light transmission, reduces glare and reflection and provide a scratch resistant surface. In addition embedded custom screen printing can be integrated into the design. Privacy light control film can also be integrated into the design.

Parker Chomerics offers various EMI shielding options such as wire mesh, ITO films and coatings. Our next generation Win-Shield™ mesh provides our customers high EMI shielding options with enhanced light transmission. Our ITO product line offers increased light transmission and superior EMI shielding properties for all window solutions. EMI shielding can be fully integrated into touchscreens applications. Various buss bar configurations are available for termination to the chassis ground plane.

Our Integrated Display products are an excellent solution for integrated turn key display assemblies where high performance is desired.

Integrated Display Products



  • EMI Shielding Windows
  • Display Protection Windows
  • EMI Shielded Touchscreens
  • LCD Optical Bonding
  • Disposable Display Protectors
  • IR Blocking Windows
  • Privacy Screens (Light Control)
  • Digital Signage Windows
  • Value Added Assemblies
  • MRI Room Shielded Windows
  • Integrated Display Films
  • EMI Shielded Marine Windows
  • Custom Design Display Assemblies

Product Features:

Substrate Options:
Cast (CR-39™, allycarbonate)

Surface Features:
Anti-Reflective (AR)
Anti-Glare (AG)
Anti-Reflective/Anti-Glare (AR/AG)
Clear Hardcoated

EMI Shielding Features:
Stainless Steel Mesh
Copper Mesh
ITO Conductive Layer

Special Surface Features:
Hydrophobic & Oliophobic Coatings
Anti-Fog Coatings

Specialty Features:
Embedded Screen printed Graphics
Privacy Filters (Directional Viewing)
IR Blocking (Hot Mirror)
Night Vision
Polarizers (Circular, Linear)
Heat Strengthened Glass
Chemically Tempered Glass


Roll to Roll Lamination

Screen Printing:
Embedded Multi-color Graphics
Conductive Buss Bars

Optical Bonding:
Epoxy Based Bonding
Silicone Based Bonding
PSA Automated Lamination

Value Added Assemblies:

Turn key assemblies
Supply Chain Management
Clean Room Manufacturing:
Class 1000 Cleanroom



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