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CHOMERICS is a global supplier of EMI shielding, thermal interface materials, plastics and optical products. We offer a worldwide network of applications engineering support, manufacturing facilities, and sales offices. With stocking and fabrication on five continents, our products are available when and where you need them.

What's New

EMI Shielded Touchscreens

Parker Chomerics EMI Shielded Touchscreens combine today’s state of the art touchscreen technologies with our industry leading EMI shielding expertise. They are being specified in more ruggedized applications such as military, homeland security, first response and medical where EMI shielding is required. Parker has stock EMI shielded resistive and projective capacitive touchscreens. Parker can also integrate a customer-supplied touchscreens or procure a specified touchscreen. Various shielding materials are available, such as: ITO conductive coatings, blackened plated stainless steel mesh and blackened copper mesh. EMI shielding is fully integrated into the touchscreen assembly with no air gaps or voids using optical grade PSA. Parker can assist with the design of an appropriate EMI shield based on the application requirements.

New Guide Released

Chomerics Introduces New Thermal Interface Material Dispense Guide
Chomerics Thermal Interface Material Dispensing Guide is designed to help customers interested in Chomerics thermally conductive, dispensable products determine the appropriate material and equipment style for their application.  These dispensable products include thermally conductive gels, cure-in-place potting compounds, and other dispensable thermally conductive products. The guide addresses the following topics:

  • Overviews the different product families

  • How to choose the right dispensable product

  • How to select  the appropriate  type equipment for low and high volume applications

  • Tricks for  optimizing through-put  and dispense  patterns

  • Examples of different process considerations
  • Suggestions to optimize the materials mechanical and thermal performance

  • Descriptions and images of packaging options

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